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Sylvester J. Davidson
writer and creator of Captain Sparkle and The VANGUN Chronicles. im also lazy at drawing cause im autistic. donate me points for commissions for team, or i could ask someone to request me to draw for me. Im a Bisexual male version of fluttershy, suppose brother of luna, and wanderer from equestria. and i also love classic-modern comedy, giant robot fights, Space opera adventures, 80s-90s cartoons/anime, and something good coming out of my hometown of vancouver. or to get better advice, Chicago Illinois, city of great comedy. THE END!

My real life brother: Jonnymal67

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From the girl who made a ask blog, which i want to love even more from her. this little oc really looks absolutely adorable! backed up ...

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My Reviews on some of the best art i've seen on DA.


Happy Halloween, everybody!! and i am being lazy as i always was! first in foremost, i am collaborating with a friend of mine Yaoipigglet with a humanized mlp tragic love story called Two Electronic Souls. a story about my ponysona Skynight Or Sporty Sparks, now living in the apartment of Vinyl Scratch after Octavia Died that i didn't know via Car accident. Beyond Earth is out on PC, and may hope that i could buy and play some time when the price lowers, VANGUN Sidequest, ManDogUnicorn and Space Journeyman may be in a long hiatus, and may also have plans for VANGUN II: Dragoon Fleet, the Adaptation of Homeworld: Cataclysm, where as the first season ended just like The First Homeworld game as you all red. My birthday's in four days and wish that everybody celebrates my 20th birthday for all the things i had fun, but also had some hard times before and during my times on DA. so i'd like to thank everyone for the continuous support, and for being good friends you are, and praying for me and all of my friends to do better in the future.

Godspeed To all of us, and have a Safe and Happy Halloween!! Love Sylvester AKA Joshua.
  • Mood: Lazy
*A Few weeks later, Sparks continues his life in medical school. Performing operations, helping out others, while secretly discovering that his computer is becoming a part of him, as his powers seems to become better heals more patients then he did before. But maybe a little too better as not only he save lives, but also turns them into cyborgs by his magic*

Sparks: “my powers! I could heal them every time, but I could also grant them immortality. Turning them into machines as I am now with my computer becomes a part of my life. Truly as man coexisting with machines of the 21st century. Am I becoming a mad scientist? Taking away the pain only to turn them all into robots as I am now? If so, I must leave school, never to return again and to keep all of my now called Cyber-Magic a secret. Never to let anyone find out what I’ve done recently. Not even Vinyl must know.” *Teleports back to his apartment and barricades himself inside to prevent anyone from coming in*

* After a few months, Vinyl came to see him*

Vinyl: "Sky? Sky, are you in there?!"

Sparks: “Don’t come in! Please leave!

Vinyl: “Sky, LET ME IN!!”

Sparks: *In a Robotic Voice* "GO AWAY!!!"

Vinyl: “S-Sky…Let ME IN!!!”

Sparks: *uses his Cyber-Magic to Blast the door open* "Hello, Vinyl. Do you recognize this voice from an organic before he became a machine before he turned the patients into machines as well? After months of being isolated from humanity only to become a tool of total annihilation?"

Vinyl: “What Happened?”

Sparks: “Have you listened to what I said?”

Vinyl: "WHY did you do this to yourself?!"

Sparks: *Grabs Vinyl* “I didn’t know that my magic and my computer could resonate with each other. Combining into one entity that makes me feel even more powerful then I was before. And now that I combined them into Cyber-Magic, I could use this power to destroy half of humanity, for the sins they committed to the poor souls I save and turned them into me! Total Destruction, to THOSE WHO MADE ALL OF US SLAVES!!!!”

Vinyl: *Punches him* “WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU?!”

Sparks: *Punches back and reveals his true form* “HUMANS!! THAT’S WHATS WRONG! What are humans? Well I’ll tell you. They’re all a miserable pile of Flesh and bones! Humans that abuse, humans that kill, humans that pollutes, that exploits, that harasses, that murders, that perverts. It is Mankind that destroyed this organic you know named Sporty Sparks or rather Skynight. *Grabs her again* But im not neither of them anymore! You will call me EPSILON PRIME!! BRINGER OF TECHNOLOGY!!! DESTROYER OF THE HUMAN MONSTERS!!! AND SAVIOR OF PLANET EQUESTRIA!!! *Throws her off the apartment before Twilight Saves her*

Vinyl: “Twi! What’s going on?”

Epsilon: "Twilight. Twilight Sparkle? YOU FOOL!! Why couldn't you destroy Tirek? He will find an out of Tartarus, and may one day take his vengeance against you!"

*Twilight Blasts at him, but Epsilon deflects it*

Epsilon: “i just wanted to help. I only wanted to help! And do i get? Nothing. Nothing but a slap in the face from humanity! It’s you humans that disgust me! So much pain, so much death, so many things about...” *Suddenly he screams in fear realizing that Sparks is not done being gone*

Sparks: “VINYL!!!!”

*Vinyl went to find Sky*


Vinyl: “Sky, Where are you?”

Sparks: “Over here! Im being consumed by the computer! SAVE ME, VINYL!!!”

*Vinyl ran over and tries to pull him out*

Sparks: “VINYL!!!”

Vinyl: “Hold on, Sky!!”

Sparks: *hold’s on tightly to Vinyl as Epsilon starts to lose control over Sparks and is destroyed by both him and Vinyl. But the two end up falling before Twilight saves the two* “Im so sorry, Vinyl. I thought I’d do something good. I thought I would try to help people, but I always keep hurting them by my own anger. *Starts crying* I just wish I never exist! I wish I was dead then Octavia!”

Vinyl: *Hugged him* “Don’t wish that!”

Sparks: “i-i…im such a monster!”

Vinyl: "NO! I should have stayed with you!"

Sparks: *Sniffed* “Vinyl… Twilight. Will it be alright if Vinyl can go back to applejack’s with me since our apartment is destroyed, or do we have to use our magic to fix it?”

Twilight: “I think Applejacks.”

Sparks: “Im okay with that. But that depends, how long till our apartments fixed? Even if I was possessed by a demonic computer bent on destroy all of humanity.”

Twilight: “A While.”

Sparks: “okay. *Vinyl and Sparks teleport to applejack’s ranch while Twilight must help the people to fix they’re apartment.* Hey, Jackie!”

Applejack: “Howdy, Ya’ll!!!”

Sparks: “thought you’d be glad to see Vinyl again, huh?”

Applejack: “im so happy to see you!”

Sparks: “I know you are. And is it okay if we stay in your ranch for a while? Our apartment was destroyed when I was possessed by a Demonic computer that tried to destroy all of mankind.”

Applejack: “ah’ve seen worse, sugercube.”

Sparks: “indeed you have. Again, is it alright we both stay a little longer?”

Applejack: “yes, take the barn.”

Sparks: “great! Thanks! Hear that, Vinyl?”

Vinyl: “I heard.”

*So Vinyl and Sparks stays at Applejack’s ranch till their apartment’s fixed as Sparks goes to sleep in a haystack. Vinyl Lies down and sighs*

Sparks: “Vinyl?”

Vinyl: “yeah?”

Sparks: “…nothing. I just didn’t notice that you’re sleeping with me.”

Vinyl: *Smiled and Sighed* “im sorry.”

Sparks: “that’s okay. You’re welcome to sleep with me anytime you want.”

*Vinyl Smiled and the two go to sleep*

To Be Continued.
Vinyl: "I thought we are."

Sky: "You will?"

Vinyl: "It's "You Are?" and YES! We are friends"

Sky: "oh, thank you."

*Lunch served*

Vinyl: "YUMMY!"

Sky: "So delicious!"

Vinyl: "Told you!"

Sky: "Thanks for brining me here!"

*Finishes off some and saves some as leftovers*

Vinyl: "THAT was great!"

Sky: "It really was!"

*The Waiter shows up*

Waiter: "That would be 35 bits, please?"

Vinyl: "I got it!"

*They pay and go back to her apartment*

Sky: "so, what now?"

Vinyl: "I need some sleep"

Sky: "So do i. if you mind sleeping with me, that's fine. If not, that's okay. We’ll be alright sleeping in two separate bedrooms."

Vinyl: "Nah. I think you need a friend"

Sky: "A Friend who will sleep with me like yourself?"

Vinyl: "Sleep next to you"

Sky: "Well, gee i guess that's nice of you to sleep with me. It makes me feel safe when somebody's with me."

Vinyl: "Cool. Come on"

Sky: "Okay." *Puts his arms around her*

*Once in bed, Vinny went to sleep*

Sky: *Puts his hand behind her head* "Thank you, Vinyl. And for the record...i love you."

Vinyl: *hugs him* “You ok now?”

Sky: *pets her* "i thought i'll die alone. But with you, i'll never die alone. Cause i know we'll do anything to keep ourselves safe from anything death throws at us."

Vinyl: "Wow.......dark"

Sky: "im sorry. It’s just; it’s sorta like my life in general. But i do think im better now, right?" *Looks away*

Vinyl: "You sure?"

Sky: "...for now, yes. i'll do my best to do anything for you. So as long as you’re okay with things i'll do for you. Even if i do scare myself from something" *Folds his hands*

*Vinyl smiled and hugged him*

Sky: *Smiles, sheds some tears and hugs back* "if there’s anything i can do for you, just let me know. i would love to be nice to people like you."

Vinyl: "Thanks. Night, night"

Sky: "Good night, sweetie. If you’re okay of me calling you that."

Vinyl: "Yep"

Sky: "Thanks again." *Goes to sleep with her. After a few hours they wake up*

*The Sun Rises, Sky wakes up and plays some soft electronica. Vinyl wakes up and smiles to hear his music*

Sky: "Good morning, Sweetie. Had a good night sleep?"

Vinyl: "Yeah. You ok?"

Sky: "Yeah. im fine. You want me to continue, or stop?"

Vinyl: "Keep playing."

Sky: *Continues playing till he stops* "so, what do you think?"

Vinyl: “Great.”

Sky: "Really? Thank you. Shall we go do some awesome stuff like battling monsters outside the city? Depending if you have your trusty Bass cannon?"

Vinyl: "Ok."

Sky: "But, i need a weapon. And i need you to protect me considering i may not have the courage to kill. Even if i have a weapon, i could break they're body parts instead of destroying them. While you could finish them off with your bass cannon."

Vinyl: *giggled* "After breakfast."

Sky: "Sure."

*they go have breakfast*

Vinyl: “Hungry?”

Sky: *Stomach Growls* "Obviously yes. What do we have?"

Vinyl: "Stuff"

Sky: "What kind of stuff?"

Vinyl: “Bread and cereal.”

Sky: "I'll have bread. You go ahead and have some cereal."

Vinyl: "Ok."

*Sky Smiles and the two start having breakfast*

Vinyl: "So........what are we gonna do today?"

Sky: "as i said, we could go out and destroy monsters. But i need a weapon to defend myself, while you protect me."

Vinyl: "Let’s ask our dear Zebra"

Sky: "Sure!"

*They go out to ask a fellow Zebra of hers*

Vinyl: "Hey, Zecora!"

Sky: "We're here for a weapon i could us to fight some monsters. Do you mind?"

Zecora: "Oh course not child but what kind?"

Sky: "Do you have any lances?"

*She nodded and walked off*

Sky: "Let’s hope there is any."

Vinyl: "She'll have them." *smiled*

Sky: "Oh good." *Holds her hand*

Vinyl: "Tried?"

Sky: "...kinda." *Waits until Zecora gets some Lances for Skynight*

Zecora: "Here you are."

Sky: "Wow! So sleek and powerful. What type of lance is this? Rare?"

Vinyl: "Very!"

Sky: "I was talking to Zecora. i think."

Zecora: "I know about them too"

Sky: "You do?"

Zecora: “Yes.”

Sky: "Then tell us what this is."

Zecora: "3x4 range with long scope"

Sky: "Anything else?"

Zecora: "What else do you want?"

Sky: “A Shield.”

Zecora: “What Kind?”

Sky: "A magic shield that could protect me and her."

Zecora: "I'll see what i have"

Sky: "Let’s hope you have one." *folds his hands desperately*

Vinyl: "Breath, Hun."

*Sky Calmly Breaths*

Vinyl: "I'll find it for you."

Sky: “Thank you.”

*Vinyl Smiled with Sky Smiling back and even helping her*

Sky: “Hope she still has one.”

Zecora: “Here you are.”

Sky: “Thanks again. And that’s the rest we can have.”

Vinyl: "Ok. After that, let’s go!"

Sky: “Right! Thanks and see you, Zecora!”

Zecora: “Good Luck!”

Sky: “Thanks!”

*They head out to fight some monsters*

Vinyl: "First to ten gets free ice-cream!"

Sky: "You’re on, Princess!"

Vinyl: "Dude. Just V"

Sky: “What about Vinnie?”

Vinyl: “Okay.”

Sky: “Great! Vinnie it is!”

*Both Sky and Vinyl are doing great fighting some monsters not until Sky gets a cute from the monster’s claw. Vinyl finishes it off, and carries Sky to shelter to heal his wounds*

Vinyl: "You ok?! DUDE! Are you ok?!"

Sky: *Screams in pain as he’s afraid to show the wound* “I think it go my left leg!”

Vinyl: “Let me see!”

Sky: *Shows her his wound* “Can you help me?”

Vinyl: *smiled then patted his back* "No prob!"

Sky: “We have to combine our magic together, if we’re going to heal my leg”

Vinyl: “Let’s get to it!”

Sky: “Lets! *They both combine they’re magic to heal his wounded leg, and it eventually does heal it* Thank you.”

Vinyl: “You’re Welcome.”

Sky: “Lets head back! I think the sun’s starting to set.”

Vinyl: “Yeah.”

*They head back to her apartment, and Sky's lance and sword disappear*

Vinyl: “Come on!”

Sky: “No! They’re still here!”

Vinyl: “Let me See!”

*Vinyl and Sky go check his backpack, only to see that they are in his backpack*

Vinyl: "AW! There SOOO cute!"

Sky: "Glad i chose the right weapons for me." *goes to the bed and sits there*

Vinyl:  *giggle* “Sky, look at them!”

Sky: “I saw them!”

Vinyl: “Don’t be so rude!”

Sky: “I wasn’t! I saw them with my own eyes.”

Vinyl: “there just babies”

Sky: "Babies?" *go checks his backpack*

*Inside were 4 little baby timber wolf cubs*

Sky: “They’re adorable! But how did they get in there?”

Vinyl: "Must have slipped in"

Sky: “Maybe. But what if they’re parents are worried? Realizing that they’re children is gone only that sneaks inside my backpack, and into our apartment.”

Sky: "oh...oh...Vinyl, i think we..." *sobs*

Vinyl: “I know.”

Sky: *Cries* "What have we done? We killed their parents! They were actually trying to defend them, and we didn't know what we've done!"

Vinyl: “It’s okay. We’ll raise them.”

Sky: “after what we done?”

Vinyl: “we’ll see.”

Sky: “Oh, Vinyl.” *hugs her in sadness*

Vinyl: “Its okay, Sky. It’s okay.”

Sky: *Calms down and two hours later they start going to sleep* “Good night, Vinnie.”

Vinyl: "Night Sky. Night moonbean. Night moonlight. Night moon. Night star"

Sky: “there’s a Fifth one, or you mean me?”

Vinyl: “aren’t you Sky?”

Sky: “of course I am. Sorry.”

*Vinyl Giggles and falls asleep. With Sky snuggling her. In the morning, sky gets up and thinks about the cubs he and Vinyl now have*

Sky: “Im still wondering what we’ll do with them. I think it’ll be alright if we let the three back to the wild, but maybe we could keep one here. If that sounds good for us.”

Vinyl: *slowly awoke* "Huh? What did you say?"

Sky: *Turns to Vinyl* “I think we need to keep one, and let the other three return them to everfree.”

Vinyl: “We Can’t.”

Sky: "Why not? We can't just bring them out in the public and expect the crowd to notice that we brought some wild animals from the forest only that we killed their parents."

Vinyl: “Sky…they need all of us!”

Sky: “but what are we going to with? We can’t leave them alone, nor let them be shown to the public. Everyone’s gonna freak when they see the babies of some of the most dangerous creatures the planet ever knows about.”

Vinyl: “Their just babies!”

Sky: "So what? They may figure out that we killed their parents, and take revenge for what we done!"
Vinyl: “not unless we show them kindness.”

Sky: “…then I hope you know what we’ll be doing.”

Vinyl: “What?”

Sky: “Taking care of them, while trying to keep it all a secret.”

Vinyl: “Princess Twilight will understand.”

Sky: “No way! Need I remind you, I gave her my books and she never returned them! I don’t trust her anymore!”

Vinyl: "Dude. She must have forgotten"

Sky: "Maybe. Or maybe she just loves reading, including some books that involves sci-fi."

Vinyl: “That’s it, Come on!”

*Uses her teleport magic to get to Twilight’s castle as Sky is still upset against the princess of Magic*

Sky: “of all the princess out there, you had to pick the one who I’ll never trust.”

Vinyl: “Easy, Big guy.”

Sky: “Hey, Twilight! How dare you keep my books without ever returning them!?”

Twilight: *Gasps* "...Who are you?"

Sky: “Lady, we met! I gave you my books! The name’s Sporty Sparks, remember?”

Twilight: "No, i don't- VINNIE! How are you?!"

Vinyl: "I'm ok. Sky here needs his books back"

Sky: “Yeah. Sky’s my other name. Sporty’s my real name actually. And how could you not recognize me? I have beard, wears a hoodie, carries a backpack around all the time, and Loves sci-fi! How can you not remember the last time I gave my books for the past like I don’t know, THREE MONTHS?!!”

Vinyl: “SKY!! Calm Down! Anyway, we need to talk.”

Sky: *Calms down* “Very well.”

Vinyl: "Listen, my lady, we went hunting last night and...Some timber wolf cubs got into my bag"

Sky: “I thought it was mine that they got into?”

Vinyl: "Oh yeah. But you see my lady; i want to raise all three"

Sky: "Wait! You said four a while ago!"

Vinyl: “I mean four! Now, shush!”

Sky: “im just reminding you about it!”

Twilight: “you two seem to know each other. When did you meet each other?”

Sky: “about a year ago. Vinyl chose me because Octavia died, and she needed someone to look after her. And she chose me regardless of mostly liking electronica, techno, jazz, classical, 80s rock and country!”

Twilight: “She loved you?”

Sky: “not quite. She likes dubstep, and I don’t. I find dubstep loud and obnoxious, whereas electronica and techno have a variety of moods, but smoother and listenable. I was raised with many genres, including classical just like Octavia.”

Vinyl: "She meant Octa" *giggles*

Sky: “oh. Well, to be honest I never heard of her till the news came. Which is sad while I was looking her up, she was a great violinist. Made a lot of great music when it comes to modern classical music. And wish I was there to hear her music. But now that she’s dead, I guess I’ll have to carry her legacy all by myself, right?”

Vinyl: “I’ll help!” *Laughs*

Sky: “ah yes. The same gal who loves loud and obnoxious music, doesn’t know nor wants to do classical, while I might do classical more then you, princess!”

*Vinyl gets emotionally hurt when he said to her*

Sky: “hey, I didn’t mean to.”

Vinyl: *Sniff* “Whatever.”

Sky: “Look im sorry. I didn’t mean to go too far against you. It’s just im not that big a fan of it. …Please don’t cry. *Cries with her* if you continue, I’ll cry too.”

Vinyl: *Sighed* “What should we do, princess?”

Sky: “We know we both have our prejudices, but we can’t let go of each other! We just need to stay together and never hurt each other’s feelings and emotions.”

Vinyl: “I mean the Babies.”

Sky: “oh, yeah. What about the children? We can’t just adopt all four of them. We need to keep a few with us, and the let the other(s) return to the wild, without us killing them as we did to their parents.”

Twilight: *Twilight thought about it then sighed* "No. All four must stay together. They can live here in my part of the garden."

Sky: “then let’s hope you know how to take care of them. Unless fluttershy could visit.”

Twilight: “She Will.”

Sky: "Glad to hear about it."

Twilight: "Stay for lunch?"

Sky: "sure! If there are any hot peppers i could make with."

Twilight: "Cool! Come this way, please."

Sky: "will do! Come on, Vinnie! Vinnie? Vinyl?"

Vinyl: “just saying goodbye.”

Sky: “goodbye? You’re going back, are you? Keeping those cubs for yourself, while i take a visit around her castle. Is that what you’re thinking about?”

Vinyl: "TO THE CUBS! *Grabs him* Come on!"

Sky: “of course you would.”

*Teleports back to her apartment*

Vinyl: “what about lunch?”

Sky: "i thought you want the puppies to twilight?"

Vinyl: "wanted the puppies to go to Twilight, and i do. What about your lunch?"

Sky: “Oh yeah. I forgot, I have my own magic. *Teleports back to twilight’s castle* Sorry about that. I got mixed up.”

*Twilight just smiled and gave back his books*
Later on.

Sky: “thank you. Glad you know when to return them. Be right back, need to put them in my backpack. *teleports back only to put his books into his backpack before coming back to twilight* Told ya.”

Vinyl: *sighed* “Come on! Time to go home.”

Sky: “but lunch!”

Vinyl: “You just had lunch!”

Sky: "have i? Oh yeah, i just came here after a few seconds to put my books back in my backpack! Hold on, princess. Is it alright if i bring a few hot peppers and bread so i can make it myself? If that's okay with you?"

Twilight: “Sure.”

Sky: “Thank you, bye! *grabs the hot peppers and teleports back to Vinyl’s apartment* Well, that was fast.”

Vinyl: “maybe.”

Sky: “but before I make and actually eat my lunch, I need you to listen to me exactly. So pay attention to what im about to say.”

Vinyl: "Say it, and then please."

Sky: “okay. As you heard, my actual name is Sporty Sparks, Skynight was a made up name. I just found out about my ID when someone told me about it before we met. I wish I could have said it sooner, but I had to keep it to myself. And the man who told me who my real name is remains anonymous, but I knew it could be my father or someone knew more other than my whole family.”

Vinyl: “Why tell me?”

Sparks: “I had to tell you that when I have the right time.”

Vinyl: “Why now?”

Sparks: “I thought this’ll be the right time.”

Vinyl: "Ok............what should i do?"

Sparks: “you don’t have to do anything. I’ll do anything for you.”

Vinyl: “Thanks, but you’re my friend.”

Sparks: “I know I am. Im just trying to find a way to make you feel happy, even if I piss you off or hurt each other’s feelings sometimes.”

Vinyl: “Hhhmmmmm.........”

Sparks: “what is it?”

Vinyl: “Nothing.”

Sparks: “k. *puts his hand on her cheek* Vinyl.”

Vinyl: “yes?”

Sparks: “I feel like, my body’s no longer under my control.”

Vinyl: *moves closer* “What do you mean?”

Sparks: “I think, I think im falling for you.”

Vinyl: *Blushes* “W-What?”

Sparks: *Puts his other hand on her cheek and falls into her bed* “I…I love you!”

Vinyl: *Pulls away* “But, you can’t!”

Sparks: *Sighs* “Your right. I can’t.”

*Vinyl walked off in tears. Sparks puts his hand on her shoulder*

Sparks: “Hey. Don’t cry. There must be something we can do together.”

Vinyl: “But, my best friend Octa loved you.”

Sparks: “I know. But she’s dead as we both know. Even then, she’s still with us as a spirit.” *Hugs her*

Vinyl: “but I can’t.”

Sparks: “please don’t say that. You can do anything, even with your imperfections.” *Kisses her*

*Vinyl Pulled away and ran outside*

Sparks: “Vinnie! Vinyl! Vinyl. *Sheds a tear and has a moment to think* what have I done? Now that she’s gone, there’s nothing I can do. I know I can do something alone, but doing it alone isn’t going to make things better when it comes to a guy suffering from autism and needs someone smart enough to help me with something I need to do. Why was my body uncontrollable? Why am I thinking about her too much? Are we both born with the same dream, or just something that bumped the both of us in the beginning? *lies down on his bed* I feel like an idiot! I just wish that I could have done something before until Vinyl came and made me live with her after I left my mother and brother. Maybe I could just go back home, but work at the hospital. Maybe I can retire being an Electronica artist, and do what’s right for all the poor souls suffered from fatal unexpected occurrences.”

*Vinyl Then Came back, and Drank some milk*

Sparks: “This reminds me. Vinnie, I’ll be buying some Almond milk, since allergic to dairy. Be right back!” *Teleports to a Supermarket to buy some almond milk. He bought a few and returns home*

*Vinyl Sighed*

Sparks: “just for myself. *puts some in the pantry along with the others, and puts one in the fridge. Then he goes to his room to get some rest* maybe she’s still mad at me, or the way she looks maybe she sad about something. Either way, I’d rather not want to know what’s in her head.”

*In the middle of the night, Vinyl gets up and packs her bags. In the morning, Sparks wakes up only to find that Vinyl’s not in her apartment. Until he stumbles upon a note left for him*

Dear Sky.
I have to leave and stay with my friend Applejack. You see, Octa loved you so much that i swore we'd never date. In turn, i love you too but Octa was my friend and i feel like we're cheating her.
I love you.

Sparks: “…I guess I understand why, now. Now that she’s gone, I guess I’ll have to make this my apartment. If only there’s a nearby medical school I can enroll so I can start to try and help people. But how? How is Octavia in love with me? I never even met her, just her music after her death. On the one hand I understand. But on the other, I really don’t. But it doesn’t matter. I guess that’s goodbye forever, huh? Thinking that she may love me too, when really she belongs to Octavia. A lesbian who chose a bisexual, religious nerd suffering from autism wanting to help people instead of killing them.” *Teleports to a Medical School to start enrolling*

To be Continued...

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