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Sylvester J. Davidson
writer and creator of Captain Sparkle and The VANGUN Chronicles. im also lazy at drawing cause im autistic. donate me points for commissions for team, or i could ask someone to request me to draw for me. Im a Bisexual male version of fluttershy, suppose brother of luna, and wanderer from equestria. and i also love classic-modern comedy, giant robot fights, Space opera adventures, 80s-90s cartoons/anime, and something good coming out of my hometown of vancouver. or to get better advice, Chicago Illinois, city of great comedy. THE END!

My real life brother: Jonnymal67

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Who needs legs! by Drawing-Heart

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Lapis Lazuli by zaameen
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My Reviews on some of the best art i've seen on DA.


This is the first time im making this, and i need everyone to cast your votes on which project i should work on early or so for anyone or even my friends. so go to this link:… make a choice.
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  • Reading: Harpy Gee and Spider-Gwen
  • Watching: MST3K
Previously on Galaxy Pegacorn! 16 year old William Carter, Kind, generous comic book writer has discovered a mysterious Pegacorn-like creature from worlds unknown. when he takes it home and takes care off it, a portal out of nowhere opens up and unleashes a monstrous robot that heads towards our hero. when the Pegacorn glows at the palm of William's hands, it merges with him and transforms into his battlesuit to combat the robot that approaches him. he fights against it as he later throws the robot away from the city and destroy it to prevent debris from hitting the city. in the morning after the day was saved and dropping off his sister, he was followed by a year younger, shy, short haired girl named Crystal Turner who was among with him before in his clubs at school, but was unfortunate to talk with him. she asks him to ride on his bike to school and upon arrival she asked him to escort her to class before he goes to his class and asking the question-

"what is this thing? where did it come from and who really are those robots from that portal they came out from?"

And now the continuation.

William arrives at class to see all the students welcoming him with happiness and handshakes before his teacher Mr. Pennington. Who has a short mustache, Short Black Hair and sky blue eyes.

"Good morning, class. *Said Pennington* Let us take attendance. Mr. Jefferson?"


"Ms. Larson?"


"Mr. Winston?"


"Mr. York?"


"Ms. Blake?"


"Ms. Robinson?"


"Mr. Weaver?"


"Ms. Parker?"


"Ms. Vargas?"


*Pennington notices William looking away* "Mr. Carter?"

"Here." *in a quiet voice*

"A little louder, Mr. Carter."

"Here." *now in a normal voice before Pennington continues taking attendance and he looks away again while the Pegacorn sleeps in one of his pockets before encountering a flashback when it was an alien robot battling against the same but also different robots that William destroyed. the robot he'll eventually destroy is a Devastator Type comes from a future so distant that opens a time warp that sends it and the pegacorn it sneak into back in time to William's time before it turned into a tiny little pegacorn that it is*

*When Pennington's done taking attendance, he says* "alright class, let us start off the day by studying one of my favorite musical comedies of all time...Twilight!"

*The Entire Class roars with fear and some with rage* "Nah just kidding, The Blues Brothers! *then the class sighs at relief* it is a film that kept within my heart and is remained one of the greats, directed by John Landis and writes alongside and stars Dan Aykroyd along with John Belushi. Now do those of you seen the movie before? *William raises his hand* Yes, Mr. Carter?"

*Will Said* "I’ve seen it on my computer two months ago. It was Funny, clever and i really do love the songs. Sure glad this'll be the first time watching it with someone."

*Pennington replied* "Good to hear, and im sure you’re not the only one who'll enjoy it. Anyone else seen it? *a few raised their hands* with your parents?"

*Weaver said* "yep. When i was twelve at least."

*Pennington replied* "ah, i see. Then let’s begin!" *He starts the movie before cutting to Crystal at her class about knitting with her Teacher Mrs. Jordan. Who’s Indian and has Pitch black long hair. After taking attendance, she asked* "Ms. Turner? Would you care take the Attendance to the office?"

*Crystal Replied* "um...yes, Mrs. Jordan." *and goes taking the attendance to the office before coming back with some bullies waiting on her*

*The Tall Bully Said* "Well, well, well! Look who it is, boys? *the Girl bully Coughs* I mean boy and girl?”

*The Girl bully said* "Yeah, care to do something for us, Fluttershy?"

*and the Big Bully said* "Come on, don't be shy. Let’s be friends!" *One of the bullies cracks his knuckles and takes her outside while she's looking down at the ground. One of them tries to punch her, but she quickly dodged it and elbows his arm so hard*

"Your dead, you bitch!" *another one charges at her but dodges again and punches her back before the last one gets out a knife and tries stabbing her but dodges and squeezes his arm*

*She Says* "Don't you dare try and push me to the limits! i will break your arm if i ever see you three again!" *hearing about her defensive behavior, the bullies run away and returns back to her Class*

*Jordan sees Crystal coming back and asks* "What took you so long, Ms. Turner?"

*She replied* "n...nothing, Mrs. Jordan. Just had to take some long walks, that's all."

*Jordan then said* "oh, well we're glad that you’re alright."

*Crystal then said to herself* "I really am." *she calmly continues knitting with the class, before she secretly looks at a Fairy she kept in her pocket. It has Neon Green and Blue Colors, Circuit like Butterfly wings and Violet Eyes. After School, She and Will Reunite at the parking lot where his bike is at*

*Will Asked* "how's your day, Crystal?"

*She replied* "Great! You?"

*Will replied* "Wonderful! i just saw Blues Brothers with my class this morning, then i went to Science to study plants, bought lunch and chat at the cafeteria, gone to learn about Shakespearian Literature and finally taking writing about stories!"

*She Cheered* "That's Great! But..."

*She looked away and blushed before Will asked* "hey, what's the matter?"

*She Replied* "N...nothing."

*He then said* "Come on, i'll listen."

*She then said* "well, i took Knitting, then Cooking, had lunch in the comic club chatting no one, taken Mathematics and finally did Crafting. Making bracelets, necklaces and so on."

*He said* "that sounds wonderful! i just wish that i could..."

*he was then hushed up when she puts her finger on his lips* "but enough of that! Oh, um i mean will it be okay if we can pick up your sister, so that you two can visit my house?"

*He blushed but later replied* "sure, why not?"

*She hugged him and starts riding to his sister's school to pick her up before he asked* "where do you live again?"

*She replied* "somewhere in between Westwood avenue and 164 Street!"

*Upon arrival, Rebeca looks at the two and said* "Hi, big bro! Found a new friend?"

"Yep! Crystal, this is my sister, Rebeca. She’s such a nice little girl and i really do take care of her."

*Crystal Smiled and said* "Hello! Im Crystal Turner! im Your brother's best friend! We kinda hang out together, even if i never talked to him until this morning!"

*She smiled and asked* "you did? That sounds wonderful!"

*Will pick her up and puts her behind Crystal and asked* "mind if you hold on tight with Crystal? We’re going out to visit her family!"

*Rebeca replied* "sure! Hope they're friendly!"

*Crystal then said to her after she helped getting Rebeca on* "trust me, they are! *before saying to herself* Except for him."

*and thus the three travel to her family's in between Westwood Avenue and 164 ST like she said they'll be at. upon arrival, her father's car that looks like a 1993 Dodge Intrepid is also conveniently parking with Will's bike before he asked* "is that your dad's?"

*she replied* "yep, that's him!"

*once her father gets out his car, he wears a fine uniform, has curly light brown hair and forest green eyes, as he noticed Her on his bike* "Crystal? Is that you?"

*She cheerfully goes to him and hugs him* "Daddy!"

*He asked* "who's that guy?"

*She replied* "That's my boyfriend, William Carter!"

*He said to him* "Hello! She told me to be here for you and your family."

*Her Father goes up to him and asked* "If you’re the guy who dropped off my daughter, i just have one serious question."

*He starts acting defensive and asked* "yeah? What’s that?"

*Crystal's father looks angrily at Will before finally asking* "are you a Biker?"

*He simply replied* " why? im just a guy who takes care of people while riding on my Spyder Bike that's all."

*Rebeca gets off and says to Her Father* "he ain’t no criminal; he's been so kind to me since he adopted me!"

*Her father said* "okay, sorry. i just thought he was. Anyway, my name's George, George Turner. But im sure glad you’re here to be with my family. Please come inside, her mother is already making dinner that im sure you'll like."

*Will then said* "hope she'll make some enough for six."

*George then replied* "I’ll remind her that."

*upon entering into they're house, they take off their shoes and see that her brother who has straight Blonde hair, Ocean Blue eyes and wears a spacesuit while carrying a toy gun that makes laser sounds before comes down to them and says* "hi, dad!"

"Hello, Casey!"

"How’s your day?"

"Great! Yours?"

"Good! *notices His sister with Will next to her* who’s that dude?"

"None of your business, twerp."

"I’ll bet that's your boyfriend."

"None of your business!"

"Crysie's got a boyfriend! Crysie's got a boyfriend!"

*Crystal starts to get furious before Will says to him* "would you please leave her alone? You know she'll get embarrassed if you say something."

"Oh, and who do you think, Mr. Smarty pants?"

"im Carter. William Carter, and im here for a visit. And you’re Casey, right?"

"Yeah, that's me. im always considered that youngest of the family. im five years younger than her and i usually play some toys i have like giant robots vs giant monsters. Usual kinds of stuff."

"Does it have a kraken like creature?"

"No but i do have Godzilla. He was awesome!"

"i know right?"

*then Crystal interrupts and says* "Will, don't help him embarrass me!"

"I wasn't im just talking about some toys he played and how to tell him...not to embarrass you."

"We were talking about finding ways to embarrass you."

"Why you little..."

*she starts to get angry at her brother more then Will because she heard about him talking about toys and stuff before Her mother who has Dark red hair, navy blue eyes and wears an apron to make dinner*

"Crystal, Can you help me set the table after im done making juice?"

"Okay, mom!"

"And who is that man who brought you here again?"

"His name's Will and he's a very nice guy. He also brought his sister along as well, and she's just as friendly as him."

"Oh, sounds nice. im sure that i made enough dinner for all six of us."

"Let’s hope so." *goes back to check on Will and Casey but realized that they were in Casey's room this whole time and the two play with each other with Rebeca as well. With Casey as the robots, Will as the monsters and Rebeca as the soldiers. Crystal starts to smiles upon hearing the three having fun before Crystal realizes to go back to the kitchen to help her mother with the table that she told her*

"Thanks for coming back. Did you see Will playing with his sister and Casey?"

"Sure did, mom. Did you see them going up there?"

"Of course i did." *they then finish setting up the table and go gets the three* "Casey, Will and..."


"Yes, Rebeca, dinner's ready!"

*Will said* "okay. Sorry, Casey. Maybe next time?"


*the three goes down stairs to have dinner with the whole family Before Crystal's mother said* "oh, and Mr. Carter. i also forgot myself. My name's Johanna Turner. And you can already tell that im her mother."

"Of course. But first, i should pray first."

"Oh, please go ahead."

*He prays for about thirty seconds before starts eating with everyone. they have macaroni n cheese, corn on a cob, carrots, and turkey before They all get stuffed and saves the rest as left overs for tomorrows lunch*

*hours later, Everyone goes to bed except for Will while Rebeca sleeps on his lap before Crystal goes up to him while wearing her blue and pink sleeping dress with long sleeves and a long skirt* "do you like the dinner we made?"

"Yep. Truly delicious. Almost like a BBQ as far as you guys made."

*She smiled and said* "so glad you like it. Hey, Will?"

"Yes, Crystal?"

"Will it be okay if you can sleep with us for the night? Maybe you can sleep with me?"

*blushes after hearing that before saying* "maybe i could sleep on the floor while you sleep in bed. Depending if you have a sleeping bag."

"Well i like to let you...but it is nice if you could sleep with me just for once?"

*looks at Rebeca sleeping before saying* "but what about...?"

"Don’t worry; maybe she could sleep on her own or in... *looks a little angry* Casey's room."

"What's so wrong about him?"

"He’s always so selfish. He just always loves to pester me all in my life. But after when i heard that you, he and your sister were playing, i thought that it'll be nice if she could sleep on the floor while he sleeps on his bed?"

"...maybe. It’s up to him, right."

"Yeah. i guess so. So *lends him a hand* wanna ask Casey about this?"


*he picks up Rebeca and knocks on Casey's door. He answers and says* "yeah? It’s getting late. Shouldn’t you two be sleeping together or something?

*She starts to get angry before he says* "please, Crystal. If you scream, you'll wake everyone up."

"...okay. We thought that you'd let His sister sleep on the floor in your room. We’re quite sure if there is a room for her."

*at first he declines it, but after playing with her and Will, he closes the door on them and will say* "well, at least we tried." *he opened the door again and just made a bed for Rebeca to sleep on. But by the time he carries Rebeca to his room, he instead sleeps on his made bed while Rebeca sleeps on his bed. And when Will enters her bedroom, he takes off his socks and starts sleeping with Crystal before we get another flashback with the Pegacorn this time with the Fairy that Crystal has. In this Flashback, there lies on an alien planet filled with advanced technology led by an organic computer with a human heart and brain and furious when he heard about the devastator's destruction*

*The robot says* "my lord, our devastator type failed to destroy Cosmo. It appears that he gained contacted with the Emperor and destroyed it when the two combined."

*the bio computer replied* "...this could be rather disastrous. Then send out Harpy Types, bring the "Emperor" to me. It would seem that he's not alone, and the empress is alongside as well. She just hasn't unlocked her powers yet. Make sure that the two are not prepared for the upcoming second invasion, to erase out ancient lives as humans before we evolve with our minds as human, but our bodies vastly advanced."

*the robot said* "yes, my lord. They will bring them alive to us about this."

"Very good. *he looks at the monitor seeing the two robots fighting other alien robots before the pegacorn goes to the time warp* soon, my children. Soon you two will really learn what these little pets you have really are right now."

To be continued.
Galaxy Pegacorn part II
After i got some people who loved the first one, its no brainer that i've decided to work on Part II for you all. so here you go, part II of a very special Birthday gift for :iconatangelicademon:
I am painting my Tumblr Mod Blog Blue just to dedicate it for Lapis Lazuli, protect her and see more of her in season 2. please support with me so that she'll deserve more in the near future.

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