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Sylvester J. Davidson
writer and creator of Captain Sparkle and The VANGUN Chronicles. im also lazy at drawing cause im autistic. donate me points for commissions for team, or i could ask someone to request me to draw for me. Im a Bisexual male version of fluttershy, suppose brother of luna, and wanderer from equestria. and i also love classic-modern comedy, giant robot fights, Space opera adventures, 80s-90s cartoons/anime, and something good coming out of my hometown of vancouver. or to get better advice, Chicago Illinois, city of great comedy. THE END!

My real life brother: Jonnymal67

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Return of the Humanized Ponies!! And even if its a lineart, im sure that we are destined to color this angelic piece of art. Fluttershy...

My Reviews on some of the best art i've seen on DA.


*The Fleet arrives at Jhar’ku to defend the republic from Gaiiren invaders*

Swan: “Deploy Green wing, defend those battlecruisers! Red wing, gold wing take out those battleships! We need to help out our brothers and sisters of the Zorcai at all coasts! Soban, come with me for blue wing!”

Soban: *follows closely and speaks quietly when out of earshot of the rest* “how will we stop them all? Do you think we can make it without reinforcements?”

Swan: “precisely. That’s why the council chose me, because I was once a mercenary pirate before my fiancé reminded me about our true homeworld. Even without being a part of the council, I will destroy the entire Confederation with my friends and fiancé, his empire & and the Republic. Teamwork is key to victory. Understood, admiral?”

Soban: "Of course, ma’am. May i ask, though, what exactly are your plans? Teamwork, yes, but that can only go so far."

Swan: “Defend the Cruisers, while you and I with Blue, Red and Gold wings will take out those Battleships that are attacking the fleet. We need to buy them more time if we’re gonna keep the Zorcai alive. Avery, Ready Gold wing! I and Soban will be at the hanger soon!”

Avery: “aye, Ambassador!”

Soban: *Soban continues to follow* “why do they insist indeed keeping up this war? We have beaten them countless times!”

Swan: “maybe they want corruption, power and abuse. In the same as they’re “Great” leader, Tirek before my Fiancé not only killed him, he destroyed his very soul, never to be reincarnated again. But even then, he may have possessed the souls to do his evil bidding, even if he’s annihilated. Just follow my orders and we’ll get this done soon. Is that clear enough?”

Soban: “of course, ma’am.”

Swan: “thank you. *Both Swan and Soban enter the hanger bay, preparing for launch against the Gaiiren fleet. All Wings stand by for an operation that I just made up. Its call operation Rhino Blockade. Eleanor, you heard what I ordered?”

Eleanor: *doesn’t look up from what she is working on* “yes, ma’am. I did.”

Swan: “What about you, Dale?”

Dale: “hear ya, loud and clear!”

Swan: “good. Rapidash Squadron, Launch!!”

*Rapidash Squadron launches from the Andromeda and starts helping the Republican fleet while swarming against the Gaiiren*

Soban: *sparks an idea* “what if we used the element of surprise to our advantage?”

Swan: “Good idea. Cloaking systems, just like my team I worked before. Blue wing, Red wing, activate Cloaks! Tag them all those sons of bitches down!”

Soban: “What if we took those cloaked ships and jumped them behind our enemy? They wouldn’t see them, and we could get them on two sides? The Picard maneuver!”

Swan: “Great, Soban! Red Wing, Get behind the battleships, ASAP! Blue wing, Full stop, hold your positions and wait for my signal. Spirk, how’s Andromeda?!”

Spirk: “we are taking heavy damage! Shields are at 64%, but we can hold on for a while yet!”

Swan: “Hold her steady, Spirk! We must keep you and everyone else alive! Avery, Fire your Warhammer Nuclear torpedoes once the three battleships’ are sitting ducks!”

*red wing is in position and they ask over the com*

Dale: “permission to open fire? We are in position!”

Swan: “wait for my signal. Target the Shield Generators, Engines and as I said, their weapons. Let Gold wing finish the job.”

Dale: “Roger!” *a tension is palpable as everyone is in position, waiting for the command to strike down the enemies and win the battle*

Swan: “…Now, Open Fire!”

*red wing opens fire and quickly disables the shields*

Gaiiren Admiral: Lorba T’cha: “Pluto’s Balls!”

Gaiiren Officer: “All breaches on all Decks! Structural integrity failing!”

Lorba: “Return fire at the Fightercrafts!”

Officer: “negative! Our engines and weapon systems are destroyed!”

Lorba: “the typical act of stealth bombarding us out of the blue. Excellent strategy, Equestrian.”

Swan: “Alright Avery, The path is all clear! Kick ass at will!”

Avery: “oh yeah, KABOOM, Baby! Golden Boys, lets deliver them some presents Santa made!”

*gold wing charges, fire freely at the three Gaiiren battleships*

Avery: “YEEHAW!!! Now that’s how you win a battle!”

Swan: “Perfect finish, Gold wing! And great Job all wings! Return to the Andromeda for further orders!”

Soban: *can’t help but smile at the victory as everyone returns to dock their ships. By the time they dock, Soban gets to his quarters and receives a private message from the Grand Councilor himself, Tairol Yugon Haakon* “H…Honored Greetings, Grand Councilor Yugon. Have you received my data regarding the anomalous artifact?”

Yugon: “we have. Our Researchers agree the signal and design matches nothing currently used by known intergalactic races. Where is the pod now?”

Soban: “my people’s republican convoy now has possession of the pod. What should we do with it and my people’s convoy? We’re just a patrol/Diplomacy Fleet. We’re not equipped to study something like this.”

Yugon: “We are transmitting design specs so that your manufacturing unit can construct a science module.”

Soban: “Excuse me, Yugon, but will it not be easier to find another fleet to do this? We’re still wondering if Swan can reunite with her Fiancé in sector PI. Surely they would have some ships that could-”

Yugon: “no! A find like this could lead to alien technology that surpasses anything by other fleets. And the council needs this advantage. We’re sending you a Science Vessel, The Discovery, Studying stellar phenomenon in the Polaris system. They have been ordered to sail with the convoy that one of them carries the pod with these coordinates and transfer a research team with analysis equipment. This matter must be kept within the council, your republic and the empire. Is this clear?”

Soban: “yes, Grand Counselor. Crystal Clear. Soban out.”

To Be Continued...
Chapter 2: Assault on Jhar'ku
I had to collaborate with a friend of mine on Tumblr, know that she'll help me continue working on my series and maybe other works.
Mature Content Filter is On. The Artist has chosen to restrict viewing to deviants 18 and older.
(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)
*Ten Years later, Sparks finally goes back to the hospital and starts using his magic powers to heal patients instead of using his cyber magic he used years ago. After his work, Vinyl watched and smiles at him*

Sparks: "oh, hello princess!"

Vinyl: "Hi, hunny!"

Sparks: “How’s it going?”

Vinyl: “Really Great!”

Sparks: “Glad to hear. *Vinyl hugs him before he hugs back at her* Done anything recently?”

Vinyl: “nope.” *hugs him tightly*

Sparks: “wanna do something with me?”

Vinyl: “Sure!”

Sparks: "Hold on a sec. *Teleports with her to her apartment* what do you have in mind?"

Vinyl: “Go anywhere!”

Sparks: "A beach? A flower field? Or anything you want to go with me?

Vinyl: “Beach Please.”

Sparks: "Sure. *teleport to a beach* hope you brought something with us."

Vinyl: “I brought a ball!”

Sparks: “Any swimsuits?”

Vinyl: “in my bag.”

Sparks: "Oh, good. Glad you brought them with us. Otherwise we'd be..."

Vinyl: “I know.”

Sparks: "But thank goodness for that. Or is that what we're thinking?"

Vinyl: “Let’s just play ball!”

Sparks: "Okay, sorry, sorry!" *gets dressed with her to play ball*

Vinyl: *sighed* "How long has it been? 8, 9 10 years?"

Sparks: "Ten i guess. *puts his hands on his head confused but trying to relax and focus* and before you ask, i'll punch you. Please, allow me to punch myself."

Vinyl: “What do you mean?”

Sparks: “For me being a jerk.”

Vinyl: “Why?”

Sparks: "i don’t know. But i just thought that i keep thinking im some kind of sexual deviant, yet in reality he's an all-around nice guy wanting to love humans."

Vinyl: *laughed* "You said i had to wait ten YEARS to marry you. I can wait ten more, love. It's normal."

Sparks: "i thought you'd get married when you’re like 30 years old?"

Vinyl: “im 27.”

Sparks: "Oh, sorry. im now 30. i just wish we could."

Vinyl: “why not?”

Sparks: "But i'll be 40 from now. Which it'll be too late."

Vinyl: “how?”

Sparks: "I dunno. But i do recall that i think you engaged me to marry you. Have you?"

Vinyl: "I never asked. I only said"

Sparks: "Sorry. Will it be alright if i asked you to marry me in like...tomorrow or so?"

Vinyl: "Sure. *kisses him* Love ya!" *Sparks Kisses back and jumps into the water with her* EEEK! *She laughed* Sky!"

Sparks: "Well if we are at the beach, why not jump into the water or so?" *Vinyl laughed and hugs him* "Remind me to buy an engagement ring for you."

Vinyl: “okay.” *they both have a great time for a while*

Sparks: "anything you like to do with me for a while longer?"

Vinyl: “Let’s swim!”

Sparks: "Sure!" *they swim one more time before it gets dark*

Vinyl: “lets go home!”

Sparks: “okay, even if it does look beautiful tonight.” *teleports back home with her*

Vinyl: "Let's sit on the roof and star gaze."

Sparks: “okay, why not that, too?”

Vinyl: “Let’s go! *They look up in the sky to see the beautiful stars at night* Wonderful.”

Sparks: “yeah. Just me, you and the moon. *Vinyl nodded and sighed before he curls her like the teddy bear he is. Vinyl Kisses his Cheek before Sparks kisses her nose* so, still want to do this with me?”

Vinyl: “yep.”

Sparks: “okay. *she hugged him* just please be gentle with me for this.”

Vinyl: *smiled* "You have still to ask me to marry you. I swore on the day we married i would. But not now."

Sparks: “oh, sorry.”

Vinyl: “it’s okay…but do you want to do it?”

Sparks: “I guess so.”

Vinyl: *sighed and nodded* “Ok. But your chose, sweetie.” *Kisses him as well as he*

Sparks: “will it be alright if you take off my shirt? If that’s okay with you?”

Vinyl: “okay.” *smiles as sparks takes off his jacket*

Sparks: “anytime now, princess. “Vinyl jumped on and kissed him all over* I mean taking my shirt off.”

Vinyl: “just shut up and kiss me!” *Smiles and takes his shirt off*

Sparks: “my turn? *vinyl nods and takes off her shirt* you’re not wearing a bra?”

Vinyl: "I WAS wearing my swinging suit and it got wet."

Sparks: “oh…” *deeply blushes*

Vinyl: “what?”

Sparks: “…didn’t notify me before. But, will it be okay if I touch…Them? I just also need a little help.”

Vinyl: “Sure.”

Sparks: “just grab my wrists and I’ll do it for you. *she then laughed, grabs his wrists and touches her boobs as Vinyl Moans*

Sparks: “was it good?”

Vinyl: “it really was.”

Sparks: “Will it be alright if i…?”

Vinyl: “Sure.” *He takes off his pants allowing her to suck his dick*

Sparks: “how about you act like a cowboy?”

Vinyl: “certainly.” *goes all Cowgirl style as he holds tightly on to her thinking that she fall off. But then some love juice squirts out*

Sparks: “…oh my. I think I made some love juice for us. You want some?”

Vinyl: “sure.” *licks some love juice with him*

Sparks: “will it be okay if I make more for us?”

Vinyl: “go ahead, my prince.”

Sparks: “if you could just put your boobs here, im okay with that.”

Vinyl: “I’ll gladly do that.” *does the boobjob on him to make some more love juice for each other*

Sparks: “oh yes! Yes, it feels like this party’s gonna last all night!”

Vinyl: “indeed, love. But now, it’s my turn to do something for me.”

Sparks: “I’ll do anything for you! Just what’s on your mind, princess?”

Vinyl: “put your fingers up my butt, real hard for me!”

Sparks: “gladly, princess! *puts his fingers to her anus as she moans with him about all of this going on* Oh my! That was so great!”

Vinyl: “im glad you like it, darling.”

Sparks: “I really do. *yawns* Good night, princess.”

Vinyl: “good night, prince.” *The two go to sleep until in the morning. Vinyl wakes up, takes a show and makes breakfast*

Sparks: “morning, sweetie.”

Vinyl: “how are you?”

Sparks: “Great! How’s your sleep?”

Vinyl: “Great!”

Sparks: “good to hear.”

Vinyl: “and thank you for asking my hand.”

Sparks: “No prob?”

Vinyl: “I mean it. Last night was perfect and i am happy to be your wife some day!”

Sparks: “So will I, princess. So will i. *vinyl smiles and hugs him tightly* i know that you love me. And i know what i'll do for us.”

Vinyl: “what, my love?”

Sparks: “buying something special for us.”

Vinyl: “what will that be?”

Sparks: “can’t tell you. It’s a surprise!”

Vinyl: “okay, my love.” *smiles and hugs him*

Sparks: *Winks and teleports to a diamond store to buy an engagement ring* “and some chocolates. I mean I know that an engagement ring is enough, but for the sake of being a great boyfriend of hers I buy something that’ll make her feel even happier.” *vinyl Smiles as she sits around the house while sparks buys some chocolates for vinyl before teleporting back to her. As he came home Vinyl saw him and hugs him*

Vinyl: “hey, hunny!”

Sparks: “hey, sweetie. I bought some chocolates for you.”

Vinyl: “Oh! They’re the best!”

Sparks: “im glad you like them. *puts the engagement ring behind him* and so glad that this is all going great to this point.”

Vinyl: “you’re so wonderful, sweetie.”

Sparks: “thank you. But…after ten years since we met, being nice to each other. Loving together after Octavia died that she’ll never be forgotten. All the fond memories we made together, and me learning about the planet and its inhabitants more. After all of that, im gonna say to you, im confessing to you. Vinyl Scratch… *gets out the ring for his proposal* Will you marry me?”

Vinyl: “oh sky…I love you! Of course I will! *Sparks smiles with some tears shed and hugs her* I love you!”

Sparks: “I know you do. And I love you too, princess.”

Vinyl: “aw, thank you!”

Sparks: “No prob, sweetie.” *in a matter a days or so, both Vinyl and Sparks get married accompanied with Magi, the princesses, his and her families, the mane 6 and so on. Building a bright, loving and peaceful future together and lived happily ever after*

The end.
Two Electronic Souls Part VII
Our final Collaborated work with Yaoipigglet. and be advised, the sex scene between Sparks/Sky and Vinyl, i added those scenes alone, without pigglet, just me writing that scene alone. but never the less, i hope you enjoy this adoring and hopefully charming conclusion to this humanized mlp romantic tragedy miniseries.
It is the year 2399, a time when a brave amnesiac astronaut outlaw Gordon “Space Journeyman” Abraham, destroyed the Martian Empire along with his friends and allies of the Daughters of Venus and the Free Peoples Empire of the Off World Colonies. Freedom and peace is once again resorted across the nearby star systems and then soon spread peace and friendship across the galaxy. But as time goes on, some humans become corrupted and restless. Some humans have now colonized an alien planet of YS-479, under a corporate faction of OmniGal. They created an AI Called Goliath, which was originally programmed to monitor the planet’s progress, but only a few years before now transformed the human inhabitants on the planet into androids, to follow his commands, and turn the planet just like earth in almost the exact same way as it was before. The Empire noticed goliath corrupting the planet, and plans to liberate the planet, even if they have to destroy the inhabitants on it. But just as the Valiant soldiers from the peaceful off world colonies fight for this once potential peaceful terrestrial planet, Goliath established a planetary defense force to defend YS-479 against the organics from the stars. Collecting the human DNA structures with animals based on both factual and mythical creatures from earth, they created a new breed of humanoid creatures that uses their minds to use anything they want, from everyday devices, to military vehicles. They’re called Tribrids. And one of them is what we’ll be focusing on. A corporate Fighterpilot using a special Starfighter that defends the outer city of Goliath Central who’s named Xalphon. Otherwise known as ManDogUnicorn. He has the horn and magical powers of a unicorn, ears and tail of a dog that also crosses with a unicorn’s tail. He is among one of the kindest, but quite responsible pilot for corporate military. All day, everyday spending his time battling against imperial liberation attempts, until one day when the moon is full blue, he’s about to uncover a terrifying truth about him walking along with his fake human people he works with. After a long day of working, he return to his apartment, takes off his jacket, and uses his computer to check his email. But receives an anonymous message who tells him of the horrible truth. Goliath has already replaced humanity, and the ones who are human lives in the farthest reaches of space, lived on other alien planets that also have interesting resemblances to Earth. So poor Xal must find a way to stop Goliath from turning more humans into robots, and help the empire liberate YS-479 from the Rouge AI that manipulates his mind and controls him to kill all the heroic imperial pilots from saving this once peaceful planet. He tries to sneak into Goliath Central itself for a head on suicide mission to shut it down, but backfired when he gets spotted. He merely escapes from the system’s security, and manages to escape into the outskirts of Goliath, living in the forest where Goliath can’t reach him any longer. He becomes a part of the planet’s nature as if that this is his entire home now. But just after few peaceful days out in the jungle, a girl named Jayme visits the jungle alone, with no one with her sees all the beautiful animals, and spots Xal. She tries to follow her, but he tries to tell her to go back where she came before something terrible may happen to her, but unfortunately his voice was long lost when he removed all of his technologies while he escaped from Goliath. She ignores all of it and eventually catches on his back, actually trying to play with him, as he realized what she wants to have a pet, and gives him a new name Mandu. Jayme takes Mandu to a small colony where she and a few remaining humans live in. and as time goes on, she does take good care of Mandu despite the fact that he may not have the ability to speak. But thankfully a local teacher of hers teaches him how to properly speak in human language in the same as he used to sorta speak with when he was back at Goliath. He eventually becomes a part of the humans, but still vows to destroy Goliath for making him look like a dead mindless zombie killing the Heroes of the Empire. But just as he goes back to face off against Goliath, Jayme follows him to Goliath, and tries to figure out why he has to face this rouge AI alone. But as soon as she gets closer and closer with him to enemy territory, she gets captured as he heard and plans to make a rescue mission with his metamorphic powers. He quickly disguises himself as one of the staff members for Goliath, and sneaks in to create a new avatar for his once used Starfighter as a way out for him and Jayme before he goes in to save her from being turned into an android. He does succeed, but is quickly caught by the staff members and tries to escape. All seems lost for him and Jayme until his Starfighter activates itself for him and the two escapes on his Starfighter, returning to the Colony. And who could send him the anonymous message long before all of this? Why it’s the elder but loyal leader of the colony who told him about this horrifying truth. And Mandu now plans for a head on assault against Goliath. They plan to shut it down with a virus that could destroy all androids on the planet, while others prefer a more tactical advantage to combat Goliath physically, and boy does that sounds stupid enough, right? But they plan their attack anyway as Mandu and his allies’ battle for liberation along with the Imperials once again after locking down the hangers that keeps all the Starfighters from launching. Mandu and Jayme storm through the Electronic Fortress until eventually reaching to Goliath itself. But at first, he thought of plugging the virus onto the AI forever ending this madness once and for all. Instead he decides to take over the AI and uses the Defense Satellites to destroy all the androids across the planet except for the human freedom fighters. But just when things get better, The AI and Mandu merge and actually hack into earth’s Defense Satellites and uses them to destroy earth. But Mandu tells Jayme to use her gun that he gave her during the storm to kill him and Goliath in order to stop the satellites from destroying mankind’s home. She does finally pull the trigger before the clock reaches its final seconds and kills both Mandu and Goliath for good. Jayme goes over to Mandu crying to think that he really is dead. But Mandu at his dying breath gives her some seeds he kept while living with her and the humans telling her to

“Never again repeat the same mistakes as your great grandfathers and mothers who lived on earth long ago. These seeds represent peace, love, life, harmony and hope. Just whatever you do, make a good future. Live for me, for all the people you love and support, Jayme…”

he then dies after saying those words for her, as she cries for real this time, seeing the death of her best pet she never had while being a good friend to all the colonists before. 8-9 years passed, and YS-479 has grown to a beautiful planet as she wanted and as Mandu Promised. With both the human colonists and the Free peoples empire living together in harmony. Having been reminded about the human compassion they lost so long ago. As Jayme picks a flower and puts it to her as a reminder of when Mandu put one on her many years ago.

The end.
well here it is, everyone. the one story your all waiting for, right? a story about a hybrid living in a cybernetic dystopia, escapes to the wild, lives with a girl and then forms a rebellion with a tragic ending. maybe rushed, but i hope you may enjoy this longly hiatus project.
Sparks: "so, how's it going, Sister?"

Magi "Nothing."

Sparks: “nothing, yet huh? Well, what should I do now? I can’t go back to Axlon now! There’s just so much stuff I need to know more about. And I can’t go back alone; I need someone who can come along with me.”

Vinyl: "I will go with you love" *she smiled and nuzzled him*

Sparks: "thank you, Vinnie. *Hugs and pets her. Vinyl hugs back, while Magi Smiles* "im still wondering if im done here, what can I do?"

Magi: "Learn more about this world. I must go find the Princess of this kingdom"

Sparks: “That’s what I mean. What can I do after I learned more about this planet?”

Magi: "That is for you to desired my brother" *Sees Magi teleport to find Twilight*

Sparks: “Magi…Magi!!!! What should I do?!”

Magi: "I know what to do!"

Sparks: “MAGI!!! *Cries* what am I supposed to do?”

Vinyl: *hugs him* "Hunny!"

Sparks: “just why? Why would you come here? What’s the point on coming here when I could come to you from this planet I need to know more about?! Why send me to this planet?!?!”

Vinyl: "SKY! *She yelled* Your sister sent you here to learn about us so i know what you can do!"

Sparks: “I should have died then Octavia! I’d rather never exist at all then to learn about these miserable creatures god created, only to ignore him and abuse all life in the galaxy!!”

Vinyl: *growls then slaps him* "SNAP OUT OF IT!"

Sparks: "...Vinyl."

Vinyl: "STOP STRESSING! Your sister just said to learn more about us! I know what to do! I know a book and some letter than the princess have! We can read them!"

Sparks: "...okay."

Vinyl: *hug & kiss* "Oh sweetie. *Sparks sighs and sheds some tears after hearing her angrily yelling at him* I'm sorry, sweetie."

Sparks: “…I love you, Vinyl. Even as savage as humans are, they at the least do something more important than killing. Some rather want peace and love as I wanted to have.”

Vinyl: "So do i, love. Come on, this way."

Sparks: “okay.” *starts feeling happy, and follows Vinyl to find a book that could help him learn more about this planet*

Vinyl: "Here it is."

Sparks: "Good. lets read it together."

Vinyl: "okay."

Sparks: "You first. *Vinyl reads it out loud while Sparks Listens. she then smiles and curls with him* Go on, i'll wait till your done with a page."

Vinyl: *smiled* "You could of just asked me to read more to you."

Sparks: "Good point. *Vinyl smiled and reads more to him* My turn?"

Vinyl: "sure."

Sparks: *Reads the book with her until the next* “your turn.”

Vinyl: "Lets see..." *They continue reading till the felt sleepy* Let's get some rest."

Sparks: "sure, its getting late anyway."

Vinyl: "Let us sleep here."

Sparks: “sure No prob, sweetie…” *falls asleep along, with Vinyl after giggling*

*Several Hours later*

Sparks: *Magi awoke them* "Magi."

Magi: "Hello, brother."

Sparks: "Have they come here yet?"

Magi: "No, my dear brother."

Sparks: “then why have you come back here?”

Magi: "The things i talk about are from the world."

Sparks: “but you sure didn’t tell me that before.”

Magi: "I told you about them but i didn't know what is was. Their called Changelings"

Sparks: “I know who they are, but what am I supposed to do about it? Im not brave or ready enough to face against them.”

Magi: "Your not going to. You have still much to learn."

Sparks: “then why can’t you deal them yourself while im here?”

Magi: "I am going to brother"

Sparks: "Then just do it!"

Magi: "Brother! Do not yell at me!"

Sparks: “im sorry, but why do you have to come here? In fact, I could go find Twilight and her friends myself so I can get of this planet myself, considering that she took her sweet ass time too long!” *Teleports to find twilight*

Magi: "Broth- Stubborn."

Sparks: *Teleports to Twilight* “and just where are your friends again, Princess?”

Twilight: "Oh Sky! Here you are. What's wrong?"

Sparks: “I was waiting for over nine hours just praying you’d come back with your friends to help me.”

Twilight: "With what?"

Sparks: “I told you, your friends so that you can take me to a starship so I can go to axlon!”

Twilight: "Your sister will have one for you"

Sparks: “okay, answer this. How did she get here without a starship? And don’t tell me that she teleported here, because that’s not how teleport magic works!”

Twilight: "Oh. She did bring a ship."

Sparks: "...What?"

Twilight: "How else would she get here?"

Sparks: “last I checked, I didn’t see a starship outside your castle!”

Twilight: "it has a cloaking spell on it."

Sparks: "Well that explains something."

Twilight: "Anything else?"

Sparks: “nope, I think im good. …so, is fluttershy doing anything so far?”

Twilight: "A few things. Why?"

Sparks: “just thought I’d loved to help her with something.”

Twilight: "Why don't you ask her?"

Sparks: “going to. *Teleports to Fluttershy’s cottage and knocks on her door* Hello?”

Fluttershy: "come in."

Sparks *Comes in* "need help with something?"

Fluttershy: "yes?"

Sparks: "Then what is it i could do for you?"

Fluttershy: "Go check on the rabbits"

Sparks: "on it!"

Fluttershy: "thanks!"

Sparks: *Checks the rabbits and sees that they’re doing well* “They look fine to me.”

Fluttershy: "Good. Can you see to Mr Bear?"

Sparks: *looks for him* "Yep, i see him."

Fluttershy: "Go see to his paws please?"

Sparks: *Checks his paws* “what’s wrong? Is there something on him?”

Fluttershy: "Do you see a thorn?"

Sparks: “yeah. I’ll try to be gentle with him.”

Fluttershy: "please do."

Sparks: "Hang in there, bug fella. *Carefully takes the thorn out of his paw* There you go. *The bear smiled and licked him* Got the thorn out!"

Fluttershy: *with a soft voice* "Yay, Thank you!"

Sparks: "no prob, Princess."

Fluttershy: "Oh um! Have you seen Angel Bunny?"

Sparks: “I don’t know. I thought you’re with him.”

Fluttershy: "He likes to hide."

Sparks: "I figured. need your help?"

Fluttershy: "Maybe."

Sparks: “please, flutters? I don’t know what I’ll do to your cottage while looking for him.”

Fluttershy: "Oh. You need my help?"

Sparks: "Yes, of course."

Fluttershy: "Sorry. Lets try the garden."

Sparks: "Sure. *Once outside, they go out to find angel. Later on by night* Found him yet?"

Fluttershy: "no!"

Sparks: "We'll have to try harder."

Fluttershy: "I hope he's ok"

Sparks: "lets hope so. *flutters sighed* Hey! i think i see him!"

Fluttershy: "Where?"

Sparks: "I think he's in a carrot patch!"

Fluttershy: "Angel!"

Sparks: “I thought he’d be here for this.” *but just as Fluttershy could thank him, Magi shows up along with both Twilight and Vinyl*

Fluttershy: "Hello Twilight. How are you?"

Sparks: What do you want now, Magi?"

Magi: "im here to talk."

Sparks: "oh please, no."

Magi: "Brother! We have to talk, now!"

Sparks: “I never understood you earlier, and I may still not understand what you’ll say.”

Vinyl: *walked over and sat with him* "Then ask me anything."

Sparks: “…on the one hand I just want to go home. But on the other, I just want someone to take care of me, while I take care of it. Im just some angel wanting to do something good, even if im with someone who’s a part of a race who destroy their own home. Im so sorry, Vinyl. I didn’t mean to leave you.”

Vinyl: "It's ok. *she smiled* I just hope your ok."

Sparks: "and i am, thanks."

Vinyl: "Cool! anyway..."

Sparks: "what is it you want to tell me?"

Vinyl: "That im going home and we were talking."

Sparks: "...okay."

Vinyl: "I want you to learn about friendship, so Twilight will help."

Sparks: “wish me luck on that, because im pretty sure I don’t have enough friends to work with.”

Vinyl: "You have me." *she smiled*

Sparks: “that’s true. *puts his arm around her* I know I still have this lonely, sad but kind little soul who I and herself taken care of.”

Vinyl: *hugs him tightly* "I love you!"

Sparks: "i love you too, sweetie pie. *His sister smiled and walked off* So, what now?"

Vinyl: "more reading."

Sparks: “oh yes that.” *Teleports back to twilight’s castle to continue reading the book about equestrian history*

*Many days later*

Sparks: *sleeps with Vinyl after many days of reading some books, with Vinnie starting to nod off, Sparks still asleep over a bed of books, and Vinyl giggles before going back to sleep*

*A few hours later, Vinyl Wakes up*

Sparks: "...Was it worth it?"

Vinyl: "huh?"

Sparks: "Learning about friendship."

Vinyl: "What do you mean?"

Sparks: “reading all those books about it, the planet’s history and stuff?” *wakes up and finds a bathroom to brush his teeth*

Vinyl: "Not yet. I can find more books."

Sparks: “there’s no bathroom here. If you want yours brushed, come along and read more after.”

Vinyl: "okay. *Both Sparks and Vinyl Go back to her Apartment to get their teethes brushed before continuing* "I found some books on friendships" *she smiled after they were done with their teeth*

Sparks: "Great!"

Vinyl: "Let's go see it!"

Sparks: “Sure! *they teleport back to find the book about friendship* Led the way, Sweetie pie!”

Vinyl: *smiled and soon was sitting down with the book* "It's from the 6 mares!"

Sparks: “then let’s pray if this could really help us with something.”

Vinyl: "okay. *They start reading the book learning the two about friendship and love. she then smiled* "See. This is friendship."

Sparks: “I know it is. That is some powerful magic they used.”

Vinyl: "i know. helpful?"

Sparks: “a lot. Thanks!” *hugs her*

Vinyl: *hugs back* "Your welcome!"

Sparks: "so what now?"

Vinyl: "we eat."

Sparks: okay, where to?"

Vinyl: "a pizza palace!"

Sparks: “sure Thing! Know what you’re going to have?”

Vinyl: "Veggie!"

Sparks: "i'd like to create my own!"

Vinyl: "Me too!"

Sparks: “Then let’s go!” *The teleport to a pizza palace to get something to eat*

Vinyl: "This is so much fun!"

Sparks: “sure is, Prin…” *stops himself from finishing his sentence*

Vinyl: "What is it?"

Sparks: “I was about to say to you something that you really hate being called.”

Vinyl: "I see...Do you know why?"

Sparks: “not quite sure, princess. Damn it, I said it, please don’t hurt me!”

Vinyl: "...the reason is hate that name is cause my first boyfriend made fun of it."

Sparks: “Im sorry, it’s just I always thought that calling you that makes you cuter. And you had a boyfriend before me?”

Vinyl: "I was 12. We were young and daddy called me that all the time. My boyfriend made fun but he took it TOO far"

Sparks: “oh.” *embarrassed and went silent for a while to not call her princess again*

Vinyl: "You know...I use to love that name"

Sparks: *looks back at her* “y…you do?”

Vinyl: "My daddy was the best!"

Sparks: “I bet he was. But, pray for me that I won’t go too far like your previous boyfriend.”

Vinyl: "I know you would never my angle."

Sparks: *nervously smiles* “…but, should we find a table for us?”

Vinyl: "sure."

Sparks: “im just feeling scared if I keep calling you that, you’ll really kill me for this.”

Vinyl: "Never."

Sparks: *Smiles* You know what i'll make?"

Vinyl: "What, Sky?"

Sparks: “pepperoni, sausage, bacon, chicken, alfredo sauce and jalapenos! What about you…will it be alright if I say it?”

Vinyl: "Not yet, and i said veggie."

Sparks: "oh, sorry."

Vinyl: *kissed him as Sparks Blushes and kisses her cheek* "Your the best!"

Sparks: "aww, thank you!"

*After lunch, They put their leftovers in the fridge and Sparks Jumps into his bed with Vinyl laying with him*

Sparks: "what's on your mind, sweetie?"

Vinyl: "im very tired."

Sparks: So am i. but, just when will i call you..."

Vinyl: "Princess?"

Sparks: "y..yes?"

Vinyl: "Why?"

Sparks: "Im sorry! i just Thought...Nevermind."

Vinyl: "no, tell me."

Sparks: "as i said before, i thought it'll sound cuter for you. but if i go too far you''ll."

Vinyl: "i won't hate you."

Sparks: "Vinyl... *Sheds some tears and looks sad* I hope you won't princess." *Vinyl sighed and nuzzles him, and so does he*

Vinyl: "your sweet."

Sparks: "so do you...but, you're still thinking about it, are you?"

Vinyl: "I think but...*smiles at him sweetly* I think i can let it slide with you since you PROVED you love me."

Sparks: *Gasps in happiness and unexpectedly hugs her* "thank you, thank you thank you!!! but about our future marriage?"

Vinyl: "about what?"

Sparks: "about what i said. our future marriage you're thinking about."

Vinyl: "I forgot about it."

Sparks: "oh. okay. have anything you like to do with me? i know i was thinking of something, but its too early to do."

Vinyl: "Sex? i can wait for it. if your thinking about that but i'm thinking more of lessons we still need to learn."

Sparks: "okay. but im sure we'll learn together about it since that'll be the first time doing it."

Vinyl: "Yeah, its fun!"

Sparks: "but if we do, please be gentle with me. i'll try my best to be gentle with you."

Vinyl: "Trust me, love. We have a LONG time to wait. We're not even married."

Sparks: "you right, Sweetie. we still have ten years to cover."

Vinyl: *laughed and then hugs him. "Night!"

Sparks: "Night, princess."

Vinyl: "good night, my princess!" *Sparks sleeps with her*

The End?
Two Electronic Souls Part VI
The continuation or maybe the conclusion of this romantic tale? you decide in the comments below!

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